by Francine Dash

The final day of the 13th birthday celebration for New Beginnings was closed out by a high energy sermon from the Pastor Dr. Lance Watson from the St. Paul Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia.  With a sermon entitled “What’s Inside of Me”, the pastor came from the book of 2 Corinthians 4:7.  In doing so, Dr. Watson shared a moving message about how useful the broken are to the Kingdom of God.

The analogy that was used throughout the sermon was an experience Dr. Watson has with his cell phone.  As he was rushing to service one day, he dropped his phone on the bathroom floor and the screen broke.  Shocked at first, the pastor found that the phone still worked as it did before and continued to use it.  But as he encountered others who saw his phone, they all said he should just get a new one.  It was, as the pastor stated, as if everyone else was uncomfortable with the broken phone and ignored that it still worked.

But God sees our brokenness, he also sees all that he has put inside of us is still there and is still useful to the Kingdom.  Dr. Watson went on further to remind worshippers that God knows how to use our brokenness to be a blessing to others.

With this notion, Dr. Watson used the analogy of two clay pots:  one of them was pristine and in perfect condition on the outside, but the other identical pot was cracked.  A woman would put both of these pots on a wooden pole and walk down the road to the well to fill them both then bring them back home.  Then one day the cracked pot spoke to the woman and said, “I’m just not useful.  I’m not like the other pot.  I can’t hold water.  You should just throw me away.”  Then the woman said to the cracked pot, “Have you ever noticed the flowers on the road on the side I carry you on?  I already know about your crack.  That’s why I use you to water my flowers everyday.  In short, we all can serve a greater purpose in the hands of God.

In addition to serving as Senior Pastor, Dr. Lance D. Watson also serves as Chief Visionary for Destiny Schools, Charisma Books and Gifts, Saint Paul’s Community Foundation, NIA, Inc. of Greater Richmond and Positive Power Media Group.  He is host of the telecast “Positive Power” seen around the world at; and is a three time Summa Cum Laude graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan (Bachelor of Science in Psychology, the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and the Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling).  Further, Dr. Watson was Magna Cum Laude Graduate of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University from which he holds a Master of Divinity and a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of the Presbyterian School of Christian Education at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. He completed his doctoral studies at United Theological Seminary earning the doctorate of Ministry Degree. He is the father of three and married to his wife Rose Watson.

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