Genesis 32: 22-26

What a timely word on Sunday from our guest preacher Pastor Reginald Bell Jr. He broke down the story of Jacob wrestling with God in a very impactful way.  In life there is one thing for certain that each of us has in common and that is that we either are wrestling or have wrestled with something in life. The question is not will we win, but God said if you stay in the fight, victory is yours.

Our relationship with God secures our victory so it doesn’t matter what life throws at you. You can handle whatever you may be wrestling with because of your relationship with God. Sometimes the problem can seem big, but keep in mind that we serve a bigger God. Pastor Bell explained what to expect when we are wrestling with our problems.

There will be moments of solitude as we are wrestling with our problems. It may seem like you are facing that problem all by yourself, but remember God said He would never leave you nor forsake you. Therefore you may not trace Him, but that is when we must trust and believe He is with us.

There are moments in life when God has to put us in isolation so we may receive His revelation. Just because you may feel alone doesn’t mean you are alone.  God wants you to lean and depend solely on Him.

As we wrestle with a situation, we may even become wounded. Most of the wounds that we have are not visible to those who encounter us because they are deeply rooted. They can be physical, emotional, spiritual and relational. Regardless of the wound you are dealing with, the most important question is what you have done about it? God said the fact that we are wounded makes us a prime candidate to be a witness to the world of His power and love. The key to overcoming whatever your wound may be is to never let go of God. You may feel like giving up, throwing in the towel and quitting, but hold on your blessing is right around the corner.

When you hold on and hang in there that is telling God I trust you.  There is strength in your struggle that will make you stronger physically and spiritually. Now we can have confidence in the fact that whatever we face in life we have the victory because it’s a fixed fight. Family, continue to hold on to God and always trust His plan for your life.

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