2 Corinthians 5:16-18

The beauty of giving our lives to Jesus is that we get a fresh start.  When you accept the offer of being in Christ, there is an incredible benefit package afforded you. You may have tried other people and things but “can’t nobody do you like Jesus?”  God is able to see things in you that are difficult for you to see in yourself.  God loves you more than you love yourself.  God created you and He knows everything about you and knows what you are capable of becoming even when you can’t fully understand it.

When you are IN Christ you can’t view yourself the same way you did before you gave your life to Christ.  You are now a new creation.  If we are honest, some of us are looking at ourselves lower than we should because we have listened to our past, people, pain and problems.  Yes, my past may explain me, but it shall not define who I am for the Bible declares that if any man be in Christ, they are a new creation, the old is gone and behold the new has come.  What is the implication of this verse for the life of a believer?  First, the text says that if anybody is in Christ, no matter who you are or what you have done, you are not a new man or woman but a new creation.

When Paul uses the word creation he means that you have been totally remade into a new creation by the hands of an All Wise, All Knowing and Almighty God.   New creation gives the idea of tearing down and building brand new, not to rehab or remodel, but to build from scratch with new spiritual materials and tools.  When God gets his hands on you he has a way of creating something you have never seen before like new attitudes, actions, new conduct and character.  It doesn’t matter what you used to do or even how long you have been doing it, when God places you into His family, eyes have not seen nor ears heard what the Lord will do with your life.  Yes, if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are a new creation in Christ.  It’s like a new tree that starts out as a new seed and takes time to mature into what it is.  When God looks at you (new tree seed), He already sees a tree (Christian maturity). We first see God’s proclamation of being in Christ, and then we see the process of being in Christ.   When we give our lives to Christ we don’t instantly mature spiritually overnight, it’s a process.  I’m not everything I’m going to be, but I am not what I used to be, God is still working on me through the power of the Holy Spirt and the process of progressive sanctification.  Now that we recognize who we are in Christ, let us begin to act like we are in Christ.

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