Pastor Jackson began a series entitled “Get In Because You Fit In” dealing with our rightful placement because we are in the body of Christ. What a timely message this past Sunday with the message “The Beauty of Getting a Fresh Start.”  In order to appreciate a fresh start, one would have to experience a season where you wish you had a ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ button. There are moments in everyone’s past where we wish we could have a do over in order to correct some of the decisions we made. The good news is that the text encourages us that if we are in Christ, then we are new and the old has past.

The truth of the matter is even though you are new in Christ, there are still moments when the old you wants to interfere with God’s plan for the new you. We are not perfect by any means, but we serve a perfect God. If you stick with the process, you will notice progress. During the process of becoming the new you, some may deal with a low perception of themselves which could be a result of being ashamed of their past decisions.

No matter how ugly our past is, God still loves and covers us with the beauty of His Grace. Have you ever had someone say you look different since being in Christ? That is because when we are in Christ, He makes us look nothing like what we have been through. You realize that everything you have has nothing to do with you, but everything with being new in Christ.  I noticed a sign on the side of the road that read “will buy junk houses”. It amazed me that someone would pay money for something that was considered junk.  When I spoke with a friend who flipped homes, he explained the process of making something that looks invaluable to one look valuable to another.  He and his team do an overhaul on the house starting with the inside and then the outside. Now what was overlooked by many because of its past, is a thing of beauty now because someone saw great potential in it and paid a price for it. This is the same with us as God saw something in us when nobody else did.  He paid the ultimate price for us by sending His son Jesus Christ to die for us.  He loved us that much that He was not concerned about our history (past), but more concerned about our destiny (future). Family, see yourself Greater – the way God sees you.

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