Luke 6:46-49

What an awesome and timely word this Sunday from Pastor Jackson. Pastor began with an illustration about his choice of cars growing up.  One of the greatest mistakes one can make in life when picking out a vehicle is to base it on the looks instead of its longevity. Pastor spoke about a period in his life when all that mattered was what his car looked like and what kind of stereo system it had in it. He shared how it took him some growing up and maturing to realize that it’s not all about the looks but that it is built to last.

This holds true to our spiritual walk with God in terms of putting more emphasis on the outer person, the flesh instead of evaluating the inner person, the Holy Spirit.  In our text we find Jesus giving a parable and referencing our character to that of someone building a house. He implies how important it is to be obedient to His words and instructions. Jesus shares that at times our actions are not aligned with our words nor our walk.  There are moments when we must evaluate our actions to make sure it lines up with the word of God.  Do people see the Christian we profess in the character that we possess? I have learned that it is easy to act Christian like at church, but God wants to see if we can be that same Christian out of church. This requires changing your mindset from impressing people to impacting people.  It is imperative that we put into practice what we read in the word of God. The more you practice something, the more it will become permanent.

In the text, Jesus asked the question of why be polite and do the opposite of what He asks instead of being obedient?  Obedience will require you to change the way you hear God. In order to grow in Christ and see results, we must apply His word to our lives. We will not see the results nor the growth if we ignore what God is telling us to do. There are times when we need to get away from all the noise of life and get into the presence of God so we can hear Him without distraction.

The enemy will use people, problems and predicaments to distract us from God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Obedience also requires us to trust God. The world will make it look like the enemy is winning, but that is just temporary because we know that victory comes to those who trust God and stay the course.

Jesus gives the parable of a builder building his house on sand instead of a solid foundation. The house built on sand cannot withstand the storms, but that which is built on a solid foundation will last through the storms. This is why having a foundation in the word of God and being obedient to it is so vital to the believer’s life.

When the New Beginnings Fellowship Church began in 2004 Pastor Jackson imparted into the congregation that “Obedience Pays Off”. I’m sure at the time we never imagined what our obedience would produce but after 13 years, we can truly say the obedience is still paying off. Family, God has so much in store for you and all He asks is for us to be obedient to His word and watch Him bless you beyond your imagination.

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