Matthew 2:1-2, 10-12

What a time we had on Sunday as we celebrated Christmas Eve together in worship and word. Pastor Jackson preached a powerful message encouraging us to stay on the journey with God. There are times when the journey seems long and agonizing, but God has anointed you for such a season as this. The journey is part of the plan. When GOD has something in store for you, you can best believe you are going to have to go on a journey to get it.

I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter what your background, educational status, financial status or what side of the track you were born; when Jesus is involved, you are going to have to travel. The journey is necessary to build character and humility. Often times we get excited at the beginning of the journey, but that seems to change as we get further into the journey. We go from shouting to pouting. This happens when the journey gets rough and when those you expected to be with you are no longer with you.

Although some people have left you or are no longer here with you, doesn’t mean that God has left you.  Everyone that starts with you on your journey is not going to finish with you. There are some folks that just want to join your journey to see if they can get some benefits.  Hebrews 13:5 says “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you”. It is important to seek God while on this journey because even the wise can be lead astray as we saw in the text.  Even the wise people can make some bad decisions.  Although the journey may get difficult at times, quitting is not an option. If you only knew how close you were to your destination, it would eliminate your frustration.

This is the season of pressing and praising. Sometimes all you have left is praise, so this is why we should never criticize someone’s worship.  If we don’t know what a person has been through, then we won’t understand their breakthrough. You have no idea when you see people worshipping God how far they had to go to get to where they are right now.  We should celebrate those who are on the journey and encourage others to join the journey. God has given us a gift that continues to give, so therefore it’s our responsibility to spread the love of Jesus Christ.  Family, whenever we think about God’s goodness towards us we should automatically thank Him for loving us enough to send a Savior named Jesus into the world.

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