Pastor encourages the people of God that no matter what is going on in and or around your life, you are still going to win in Christ. God declares victory over your life, but it does not always feel like victory. What do you do when you look at your life, kids, career, spouse and ministry and it does not look like you are winning? Yes, God said you will walk in victory, but God never said you would achieve it without a fight.  The enemy is not going to let you easily just walk into your season of victory without a fight.  He is going to use everything in his arsenal to distract and cause you not to be able to visualize or see anything that looks like or feels like victory in your life.   Even though it may not look like you’re winning, you are still winning.

You don’t walk in a victory parade unless you have overcome the enemy or the opposition that was trying to stop you. In other words, you are in a battle and the good news is that God is aware of your fight and your foes and is using it to grow and walk in victory. When you look at the context of chapter 20 you will find that there will be times in all of our lives when it will look like we are out numbered, underqualified and not equipped to handle our foes and battles in life.  When it is too hard for you, know that it is just right for God.

God knows you are outnumbered and out resourced, but it is an opportunity for God to get all the glory out of your situation. When God is for you, He is more than the entire world against you.  The text says that God leads us in the victory parade. We have to follow God in all we do and if we will just obey, God will lead the way in our victory parade.

Your life may not look like or feel like you are winning.  It may seem like the enemy is too strong and has more resources than you and you want to throw in the towel; God knows exactly what He is doing. Just trust and be confident that you have the right one your team and as long as you have Jesus as your Quarterback on your team no matter what the scoreboard of life says, you can hold your head up and walk knowing the victory belongs to you through Jesus. Talk and walk in your victory through Jesus Christ in 2018.  No victims, just victors!

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