Acts 4:1-22

What a timely word on Sunday dealing with the trials of life and what we face at times on our spiritual journey. What I have truly discovered is that the rain does fall on the just as well as the unjust. If you have lived any length of time then you have experienced a trial or two. The good news of the trial is there is a triumph ahead if we don’t give up. The trial is only a test to bring forth a testimony.

In our text, we see Peter and John going through a trial not for their disobedience but for their obedience. What do you do when your obedience brings turbulence?

Well Peter shows us that leaning on our faith and depending on our Heavenly Father will bring you through challenging moments of life. Peter and John were seized because of speaking to a crowd of people about Jesus Christ. Do not be surprised when people get disturbed by your witness. Our duty as a Christian is to speak up and tell of the goodness of our Lord and Savior.

The enemy wants you to keep your mouth closed because he knows there is power in your words. Your words can change the atmosphere, family, community and city. Be mindful that change also challenges people and some people don’t like to be challenged. The key to Peter and John’s trial was their evidence which was the lame man standing in the court room.

You might not have a person standing for you as evidence but the fact that you’re standing is enough evidence that God is still blessing. We should always speak up and share our witness.  Continue to grow and stand up so people can see God is still blessing.

The Bible says Peter and John were unschooled, ordinary men that had been with Jesus. Don’t allow limitations to keep you from being used by the Lord. If you allow problems, predicaments or people to limit you, then they will try to label you. God has a purpose and plan for you.

Peter and John stood on their faith and belief that God would deliver them from their trial, and they were released. It doesn’t matter what we experience in life it cannot supersede our encounter with Jesus Christ. Family, let’s continue to grow in the grace of God, so when trials come you will be able to triumph and celebrate another victory.

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