Micah 7:5-8

We recognize that the enemy is up to something in our lives.  He seeks to affect us from the inside out and he understands that if he can arrest your mind, he can stop you from moving into what God has for you.  Maybe the reason you have given up is because you have allowed the enemy to stop you from believing you can which eventually manifests itself in your outside behavior. What you are engaging in now started in your mind, be it good or bad.

The enemy is after your mind and if he can get us to think we can’t, we won’t.  The battle is in our heads.  He is trying to get us to give up mentally, and if we do give up, we start walking and or behaving as one who is defeated.  We behave a certain way because we believe that way.  This is why satan seeks to define what we believe about ourselves.

Micah is helping us to understand that in tough times we don’t deny present reality but rather defy reality with our faith.  We don’t have to walk around and fake it, we need to “faith it”.   We need to declare with our attitudes and actions that although times are hard we have faith that things won’t stay that way.  It may look bad on the outside right now but expect things to turn around for you.  Stand in a position of expectancy.  You may not know how God is going to do it but just believe by faith that he is going to do it.

We can’t move based on what we see but rather on what God said. If God said He is going to make a way in your situation, you need to stand, watch and wait until your change comes.  When we really understand who we serve and what He is able to do, it should cause us to stand “spiritually tall” in the face of whatever we are facing and declare that we may be down right now but because of Christ and His resurrection power we won’t stay down.

Do you have confidence in our Lord and Savior? If we have confidence that God can do all things but fail, we need to act like it.  Yes we may feel down and even be down, but we shall not stay down.   Verse 8, declares “Don’t, enemy, crow over me. I’m down, but I’m not out. I’m sitting in the dark right now, but God is my light.”  

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