2 Corinthians 3:1-6

Pastor Jackson concluded his series titled “I’m On My Way Up” with a discussion with Bro. Robert Jackson. This was a very moving and powerful discussion on dealing with the pain of your past. Bro. Robert Jackson is an author and motivational speaker who primarily ministers to our youth and young adults. Bro. Robert knows very well the emotional pain that this generation is facing because he had to deal with the same pain. Pastor Jackson began the conversation by stating “You cannot appreciate getting up from anything until you first acknowledge what you’re getting up from!”  There must be a time when one makes up in their mind that they’re not going to stay in this low place, and begin to take the necessary steps to come up and out of their pain.

Transparency leads to transformation, and eventually to your testimony. Bro. Robert shared his testimony of physical and emotional pain that he endured growing up in the inner city. He is definitely a testimony to the saying ‘it’s not how you start, but it’s all about how you finish’. His story impacts so many men that are facing challenges and don’t believe there is a way out or up for them. Bro. Robert shared that “hurt people, hurt people”. In other words, when you do not deal with your own pain, you then in turn inflict pain on others.

Some men do not talk about their pain nor deal with it in a healthy way. As a result they pass their pain on to their kids and families.  Bro. Robert asked the question “Where are the real men to teach these boys how to be men?” Bro. Robert believes it’s time out for excuses and we need more men to stand up and help our young people see a positive example of the power of God.

The starting point of your healing is to face your pain. No man can serve two masters, so you have to make up your mind to serve God over everything else. Bro. Robert shared that he was able to deal with his pain through the word of God. He shared that God has a way of changing your plans into His purpose for your life. God will take you places you never dreamed of going if you do not allow the pain to keep you from your purpose. You may not know why things happen in your life, but it’s in those moments when God is preparing us for something great.

It may not feel good but God is working it out for your good, so don’t give in or up because God is about to raise you up. Pastor Jackson shared that just because we have gotten past some stuff doesn’t mean we have gotten over it.  We must be careful not to rush the process of removing the pain, but instead follow the proper steps for healing so we can completely be over the pain. There are 4 steps to facing and overcoming our pain that Bro. Robert shared with the congregation.

  1. Stand up and admit you are in pain
  2. Write it down to release it from your spirit
  3. Forgive (Let it go)
  4. Talk to someone you trust (accountability partner)

Family, there are times when God will put us in isolation so that we can receive His revelation for our destination. Therefore when God raises you up never allow people or problems to pull you down. Remember God has blessed you to be a blessing to others.

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