Deuteronomy 26:16-19

What a challenging word we received on this Sunday!  Some of you may know married couples who after years of being married decide to renew their vows.  This can be for many reasons but one of the main reasons is to recommit to their promise they made years ago to one another.  If we do that in the natural, then I believe it is necessary to renew our vows in the spiritual with God.  Just as some problems have caused us not to keep our commitment in the natural, it can happen to some in the spiritual.  God never said this journey would be easy, but He did promise us the victory if we stay committed.

It is imperative to stay connected to the source if we want to keep the resources.  Your connection to the things of God is part of the growth process.  God may have had to slow the process of your blessings because you haven’t grown enough yet.  Thank God that He knows more about us than we know about ourselves.  There are some blessings God will put on hold because we can’t handle them right now.  We may feel we are ready for marriage, but our habits may need adjusting.  We may feel we are ready for the business, but our attitude may need adjusting.  God created us, therefore He knows the defects that we may have.

God has given us a manual to help us with our defects and it is the Word of God.  We cannot be totally effective in the kingdom if we don’t acknowledge the defects we have and allow God to deliver us.  Some of us have even made promises the first of this year and have already broken them!

God is saying to us that some of the promises we have made to Him have expired and it’s time to renew them.  God did not pull us out of misery for us to stay mediocre!  There is so much more God wants to do in you and through you, but it’s going to take us renewing our vows to Him.  Family, let’s renew the promises we made to God today so we can receive the Victory in every area of our life.  2018 is The Year of Victory!!

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