Luke 17:7-10

What a wonderful word from the Lord on Sunday.  Pastor Sheridan Nelson blessed the body of Christ with a timely word on what servant leadership looks like in the life of a believer.  When it comes to serving, it is not always a glamorous or sensational.  Yes! The work God has called us to may be boring work and even dirty work at times, but we must be faithful to the work God has birthed in us.

There is no greater joy than when God provides and puts us in a position to help or serve others.  Not only can serving not be sensational, but it has to be sustained.  The text say in vs. 7 and 8 that when the servant has finished serving in one field he come in and washes up and prepares the master’s meal and then he can sit down.  He goes from working hard in the field to laboring at home.  Yes, with the same intensity and same passion we have to come home and serve in the same manner as we serve on our jobs or even ministry.

Not only is serving not sensational, it must be sustained, and requires a sacrifice.  I know it is not glamorous and recognize it requires sacrifice, but there are people counting on you who need you to sustain your service even when you don’t always feel like it.  I’m so glad that God didn’t wait until He felt like it to love and to serve humanity.  Even when He didn’t feel like it, He still obeyed and God highly exalted Jesus and gave Him a name above every name because of His obedience to will of God.  Jesus’ service was not glamorous as He took our place on the cross. Yes, if Jesus doesn’t do another thing for us, He has already done enough, but yet His blessing are sustained and continues new every morning – sometimes without us taking the time to say thank you to God.  I know you serve at church and on your job, but how well do you serve those at home?   Are you a public success and private failure when it comes to your service? How does one serve others and yet neglect their own family?  We don’t just serve when others can see us, but also when nobody is looking at us. A Godly servant not only serves anywhere but serves everywhere.

God not only gives us the message of servanthood, but He models servant leadership through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  When we begin to think about all that God has done for us and the position He has placed us in to be a blessing and to serve others, we can help but to simple say “it’s my pleasure”.  We should get pleasure out of doing for others. God has called each and everyone one of us to serve in ministry so we can experience the joy and love that comes from serving others that God places in our life like our lord and Savior did for us.  So the next time when God asks you to be a blessing or serve one someone just simply smile and say “it’s my pleasure”.

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