Mark 11:1-9

On this past Sunday we were blessed by the word of God that was brought forth by Pastor Michael Johnson from Mt. Pleasant.  He shared with us that there are some things in our lives that we need to loose and let go.  We are holding on to things or people that have something great on the inside of them and if we would just let go, they would begin to rise like a balloon filled with helium.

In this particular text we see that the colt is tied to a door outside on the street corner.  The owner fails to see the value in the colt.  The owner doesn’t want to use or lose the colt and therefore keeps it tied up.  Despite how the owner chooses to use or not to use the colt doesn’t dismiss the value or purpose of the colt.  The Lord told his disciples to tell those who ask that the Lord has need of the colt. There are times in our lives when folks will ask the question what can God want with him, but God simply says to tell the world I can use that which you feel you can’t use.

You may feel like you have been tied up and held back from walking out your purpose in life, but when God calls your name and gives you purpose there are some things that simply have to be loosed and let go.   See people who don’t understand God’s purpose on your life really don’t understand how to handle or treat you.  They will end up misusing or under using you; trying to hold you back from fulfilling what God has already purposed in your life.  That’s why the man just wants to date you, but doesn’t want to marry you.  This is why your employer will not promote you, but doesn’t what to lose you.  This is why your so called friends don’t want to see you rise, but to stay in the same position they are in.  People don’t want to use you, but don’t want to lose you either.

People may not believe that you are ready to go and be used in the service of God.  You may still be a little wild around the edges, but God said I still have need of this colt as is.  Jesus did not wait until the colt was tamed, but got on the colt in its present condition and when he was finished with the colt, He gave it back better than how He found it.  Is this not the testimony of the believer?   We were tied up in a sinful condition. We were wild, untamed, fighting and biting all the way, but Jesus looks past our faults and declares He has need for us and unties or breaks the chains that are holding us back and uses us for His Glory.

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