What a great worship experience on Sunday with both word and worship complementing one another.  The Praise teams set the atmosphere for the Word of God in Romans.  They began to sing the powerful song “Worth.”  The song reminds us of the level of value God places on our lives even when we sometimes find it difficult to see it ourselves.  When we start to evaluate all of our mistakes in our past and present life, we can sometimes find it hard to understand why God would love someone like us.  God sees our future even when all we can see is our past.
Why is it so hard at times to understand the love of Christ? Maybe it’s because of the sin in our lives.    God hates sin and what it does to the believer.  Yes, God loves us, but He hates the things to which our sinful flesh is attracted.   What do you do when you like or love what God hates? Many of us try, but sin is incredibly strong to deal with on your own.
In the Old Testament, we see the Law that was given to the people of God that states disobey the Law and you die.  One would think that would be enough incentive for people not to engage in sinful activities, but it just confirms the power that sin can have over individuals; but thanks be to God through Jesus Christ who delivers us from both the penalty and power of sin over our lives.
Remember Family, Jesus died for us.  This is something that the law could never do. The law could only condemn us but Jesus came and did what the law could never do through the grace of God.  Jesus came that we may have life and more abundantly.  Jesus came so that what rightfully should happen to us does not happen to us through His grace and mercy toward us.   Why wouldn’t you want to give God your best when He gave us His best so that we may have eternal life?
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