What an amazing month with our “Movie with a Message” series.  What an awesome way to end our series with “Lion King”!  So many Biblical truths were illustrated in this movie.  The first being that Christ died for us and took our place on the cross.  Because of this fact we ought to live like we have been saved and adopted into the family of God with all the rights and privileges of a child of God.

Simba had to make a choice to listen to what his father had instructed him to do or listen to the enemy in his ear trying to speak hopelessness, despair, guilt, shame and regret in his life.  If we are not careful, we can sometimes allow the enemy to get into our ears and cause us to lose focus on who we are, but more importantly Whose we are.  We see an amazing illustration of an identity crisis in Simba.  He was listening to the enemy and getting caught up around people and places he was never been designed to live.  The joy in this story is that even though we sometimes get lost in our circumstances and environment, God will always send somebody with a word who remind us who we are in Christ.

Pastor Jackson reminds us that everyone must come to grips with their God-given purpose. Even though you may not know you purpose or destiny, it knows everything about you.  As Simba was in exile in a place that was not his promised land, he became too comfortable with the crowd and his surroundings. It is so easy to get distracted and lose focus when you are intoxicated with that which is appealing to your flesh.  The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy who you are little by little, but God came that you may have life and live more abundantly in Christ Jesus.

We all have so much to offer to the world around us.  God has put us here on Earth to do more than just exist. God has called us to impact this world for the kingdom of God. Like Simba, we sometimes have to face our past and determine whether or not we are going to run from our past or learn from our past.  Have you been living like you have forgotten who you are or Whose you are?  Are you stuck in your past pain, mistakes and regrets?   If so, it’s not only your time, but your turn to stand up and be the man/woman of God for whom He gave his life.  I know you have been through some tough times, but it’s your time to live as a child of the King.

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