Part 2 of our amazing “Movie with a Message” featuring the movie “Ray” was so impactful.  Pastor was able to pull out certain clips in the movie that allowed the people of God to reflect on the battle between their private and public lives.  If we are not careful in life we can sometimes get so caught up in our public success that we neglect or ignore our private failures.  The problem is when we don’t deal with our issues when they are private, God has a way of exposing them publicly in order to get our attention and to cause us to have to deal with that which is destroying us from the inside.  On the outside Ray looks like the picture of success.  People around the world are praising him and all of his many accomplishments. In a real sense, Brother Ray has become so intoxicated with his public success that he doesn’t realize all of those being affected by his addiction.  He is seeking to decorate his dirt with success and work.  God will sometimes allow us to be embarrassed publicly in order to reveal the seriousness of our behind the scene failures.  It wasn’t until Ray hit rock bottom with his arrest that he had to come face to face with the root of his problem.  God had him in a place where he could not run from or hide from his addiction, but had to deal with it.  He had to face the past pains, regrets, fears, disappointments and his lot in life.
When we come face to face with God, we can’t help but to face the truth about ourselves and we all know that it is the truth that will set us free.  At first, Ray believed that God was not concerned about people like him, but he soon discovered that God cares about the brokenhearted and is willing to come in and to do whatever is needed in order to save them.  Family, God says in His word in Psalms 34:18 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  God’s love never fails even when we sometimes fail him.  He never gives up on us and continues to give us another chance to get it right.
Today God is trying to get our attention through His Word but if He can’t get our attention through His Word.   Ask Ray, God knows how to get the attention of those He loves and to get them back on track. Family, if you have not had a chance to join us this month for Movie with a Message, please come out and bring a friend.
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