Ephesians Chapter 2

What an awesome day in the Lord.  The spirit was so high in the house that God literary took over the service and spoke a spirt of surrender in the house.  Every now and then even though we have our structure in terms of how service is to flow, when God calls an ‘audible’ right in the middle of the game you know He is up to something powerful and life changing.  Well, God showed up and called an ‘audible’ on Sunday that blessed the house.  Amazing things happen when you fall on your spiritual knees and surrender your will, your way and your plans to God.   Sometimes we miss our blessing in life not because they weren’t sent our way, but we were not in the right position.  When we get into a position of surrender before God, our hands and arms are open for whatever God wants to do and how he wants to do it.  It is no longer about us but all about God and His ultimate plan for our lives and His people.  If we would be real with ourselves, we would find that we are more self-focused than Christ –focused. When we submit to God’s will He will honor our obedience.

In Ephesians chapter two we see that disobedience is like someone trying to hit the mark, but instead they keep on missing.  They appear to be in the right position to hit a home run, but they keep on missing the ball.  Sin is like a person who desires happiness and joy in their lives, but they keep putting themselves in the wrong position on the field of life.  They believe what they are doing will provide them with success and happiness, but they miss the mark by continuing to run around in a circle. Yes, we all want to hit home runs in life, but we keep missing the mark and hitting the ball out of bounds.  We want joy back in our lives but keep on disobeying what God has told us to do in order to achieve joy.  People all around you are trying to get your attention to let you know to stop and go back to home base and try again because you missed the mark.  I thank God for His grace and His mercy. God keeps on giving us another chance even when we don’t deserve it and He never gives up on us even when we sometimes want to give up on ourselves.  God is encouraging you to get up and get back on spiritual home base as you seek to continue to please God.

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