Luke 2:7-19

What an amazing word from Pastor Jackson on Sunday!  If you have not had the opportunity to hear the messages from Pastor Jackson these past couple of Sundays in the Book of Luke, you are indeed missing a blessing for your life.   As we look at Mary in this text, we see that she has something amazing on the inside of her that is going to be an eternal blessing to humanity.  What do you do when you know God is up to something in your life, but what you see doesn’t match what God said?   Think about it… Mary just gave birth to Jesus and she has to place Him in a dirty and nasty manger.  What’s wrong with that picture?  I’m sure if anything could cause one to get into their feelings that would do it.  Who would want to put their baby in a feeding trough?

Many times in life we struggle with our behaviors based on the challenges we see and not the words God has said.   Sometimes what we see does not always seem promising, so we have to trust what God has said to us.  God is behind the scenes of your life working out things you don’t realize need to be worked out on your behalf.  All you can see is what you are currently facing, but understand that what you can’t see is more real than what you can see.  If God was to show what He was going to do in your life and what you had to go through to get there many of you would not believe it or would opt out because of what you have to go through to get to it.  Family, this is the time when we have to operate in our faith.  Even when we can’t trace the hand of God in our life we have to trust that He is up to something even when it doesn’t feel like it.   We need to begin to send up a praise of faith that says I don’t how You are going to do it, but I believe You are going to do it, so I thank You in advance.  Those times when you find that people are talking behind your back and the struggles are getting harder, know that this is a sign that you are going places and walking in your divine purpose.

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