Revelation 16: 12-15 NIV

When the believer reads the book of Revelation, it is a source of encouragement for those that are connected to Christ. There are some people in life who want the crown without the cross, rewards without responsibility, and to get to the reward without going through anything.  As we look at this text through the eyes of Christ we understand that challenges that we go through in life are not necessarily tribulation, but preparation for God to take us to the next level in Christ.

Some of us have been crying and going through tough times in our lives. Our attention has been focused on the problem and not the problem solver. If this is the case, be mindful that we serve a God that’s bigger than all of our problems put together and then some.  Remember, God knows what He’s doing when He directly or indirectly sends or allows trouble and pain to come our way.  Our Father sees kings and queens in His children. We may not always see it, but God sees things in us that we don’t always see in ourselves.

There is always a process before promotion and production takes place in our lives.  So when we start experiencing hard times just know that God is up to something great in our lives and if we will just hold on to God’s purpose, we won’t trip during His process.  Why do people ask for blessings, but are not prepared to handle them? One of the worst things in life is not the idea of not getting your blessing, but getting your blessing and not being prepared for it and lose it. Our heavenly father certainly does not want us to have something that we are not prepared for because he knows it can destroy us if we are not prepared to handle it.  That said we should thank God for what seems like tribulations in our life for we know that it is only preparation for next level blessings.

Stay awake with your spiritual eyes in a position of expectancy standing and waiting for God to show up like a thief and bless you when you least expect.  Stay clothed in righteousness and faith until your change comes. When God shows up He will not only surprise you, but your enemies too.  They will be amazed at how God moved in your situation.

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