Deuteronomy starts out by saying “these are the rules and regulations that you must diligently observe for as long as you live in this country that God, the God-of-Your-Fathers, has given you to possess”.  The Lord makes it clear that He has already given us the victory in 2018, but we as players on God’s team must learn how to dwell or live in the place and culture of victory and blessing.  God is saying to the people of God that if you are going to enjoy this place of victory and blessing, you are going to have to not only know My playbook, but be able to execute My plays on the field of life while others are trying to stop you.
Anybody can run a touchdown when nobody is trying to stop them, but can you execute when the enemy is trying to stop you?  God knows that it is not enough just to study the playbook.  We must be able to execute the behaviors and actions that He has laid out for us in order to get the victory over the opposition.
Every year NFL teams have the opportunity to draft players on their team.  Some players have the unique opportunity to join a winning franchise.  The problem with drafting high school or college players on your team is that as talented as they are, they come to the table having been under the leadership of a different coach with a different playbook.  That said, the first thing they have to do is to reprogram the player to start to see things the way the new coach sees them.  This requires the coach to work very hard to tear down some mental and physical habits that will not serve the culture of his winning team.
Many coaches have very talented individuals on their team, but they are not teachable and/or trainable. NFL owners don’t draft and pay their players enormous amounts of money to listen to their opinions. They are there to carry out and execute the plays that will allow them to live in the place of a victory.
God has given those on His team great gifts and talents, but He does not bless you or draft you on His team to listen to your opinions.  Victory comes as a result of not just your knowledge of God’s word, but your ability to execute God’s word in your home, career, marriage, family, ministry and your lifestyle. Those who practice well tend to play well.  In 2018, let’s continue to build our spiritual muscles of obedience so we can continue to celebrate victory in every area of our lives.
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