Fighting Temptation (The devil never made him do it)

by Vanessa M. Fry

Hardship will happen in life not because of anything we’ve done or as a result of punishment but instead, God will allow us to face adversity to test our character. Developing character is crucial in order for God to take us to new levels. Developing character takes time and isolation, it is in our hidden-ness our purpose is formed. The bible shows us Jesus was hidden for the vast majority of His life. It was during those hidden years He spent time with God that lead Him up to one of His greatest purposes in life: His death and resurrection for the redemption of man. This was no small task, but character was crucial in Jesus’ life and so shall it be in ours for us to fulfill Gods’ purpose in our lives.

Just like our Savior Jesus Christ, once God develops us in private, He’ll show us off in public. God affirmed Jesus by claiming Him in public. God celebrated Jesus by opening the heavens and descending as a dove.  God then identified Jesus to everyone as “My Son” so there was no doubt as to who He was to anyone including His (Jesus’) enemies. After character has been developed, responsibility follows.

God knew Jesus was responsible because of the time they spent together developing character and because of how Jesus responded publicly. Jesus proved He could handle both rights and responsibility. This is why God, the same Spirit that led Jesus to the water for baptism, lead Jesus to the wilderness. God will never allow us to go into the wilderness if He knows we cannot handle it. Yet God allows us to enter the wilderness because God wants to make sure we have an authentic shout and not just a facade.

Hardship will happen in life but when we praise God in the midst of pain, we’re proving we have relationship and not religion with Him. Furthermore, we’re signaling to both God and the devil that we’re not just playing church on Sunday, but that our worship is for real. Because the one thing the enemy cannot stand is a wounded worshipper. Satan’s last and greatest temptation was in exchange for Jesus to worship him. But the devil never made Him do it. Jesus stood firm and used the Word of God as His sword to defeat Satan. Our Savior did not fall into temptation.  When temptation arises remember praise is our weapon. The only way we can conquer and fight any temptation is with our worship and with God’s Word.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark
Victory Grace Center
Bladensburg, MD

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