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The Agony Of Now

Pastor John Hollman shared the importance of keeping our faith in the midst of chaos and confusion. These are times where it’s more important for people to pull out their phone and record a senseless crime instead of calling 911. These are tough, tedious and turbulent times that require us to lean on our faith which is our anchor. It is not easy to remain focused and faithful when it seems like everything around you is falling apart.

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Men of Christian Priesthood

There’s something about us.
It’s baffling, curious, elusive and mysterious. Yet it’s ultimately anointed, pre-destined and pre-ordained. What is it?
The “IT.” That’s it exactly. The “IT” is the source of the issue.
It’s as if God implanted this code within our DNA that would determine both our individual and collective experience. And it doesn’t matter if you’re President of the United States or a homeless man on the street, our high-yellow, tan, chocolate brown or blue-black experiences may have nuances, but they’re basically the same.

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Daddy Duties

Certainly our Father loves us with an everlasting love and desires for us to live well, but to that end He is not primarily concerned about our happiness as much as He is concerned about our holiness. God understands that true long-term happiness is found in our holiness and our obedience to Our Father’s instructions who desires the very best for His children.

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Built To Last

Pastor began with an illustration about his choice of cars growing up. One of the greatest mistakes one can make in life when picking out a vehicle is to base it on the looks instead of its longevity. Pastor spoke about a period in his life when all that mattered was what his car looked like and what kind of stereo system it had in it.

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