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NewB Indy Time To Get Up

It’s Time To Get Up

One of the gifts of being a child of God is the grace and mercy that comes with being in Christ. Eutychus was sitting on the window sill and as Paul continued to talk, Eutychus was overcome by sleep and fell from the third floor to the ground.

NewBIndy Got My Life Together

God Got My Life Together

There are times when we must take a moment and just reflect on the benefits of being in Christ. The fact that we are in Christ has kept us out of some things, but the truth of the matter is that we are still growing in Christ therefore we cannot forget how God is transforming and conforming us into His image.

NewB Indy Praise & Worship

Praise and Worship Service

Every now and then even though we have our structure in terms of how service is to flow, when God calls an ‘audible’ right in the middle of the game you know He is up to something powerful and life changing.

NewB Indy Being Blessed

The Benefits of Being Blessed

Society gives us a false identity of what a blessed person resembles. It is not what we drive, the house we live in, the position or titles we may hold, or even our bank account. What good would it be to have all that but have no peace, joy, love or happiness?

NewBIndy A Fresh Start Pt. 2

The Beauty of Getting a Fresh Start Pt. 2

The beauty of giving our lives to Jesus is that we get a fresh start. When you accept the offer of being in Christ, there is an incredible benefit package afforded you. You may have tried other people and things but “can’t nobody do you like Jesus?”

NewBIndy A Fresh Start

The Beauty of Getting a Fresh Start

Pastor Jackson began a series entitled “Get In Because You Fit In” dealing with our rightful placement because we are in the body of Christ. What a timely message this past Sunday with the message “The Beauty of Getting a Fresh Start.” In order to appreciate a fresh start, one would have to experience a season where you wish you had a ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ button.

NewB Indy Movie with a Message Lion King

Movie with a Message: “Lion King”

What an amazing month with our “Movie with a Message” series. What an awesome way to end our series with “Lion King”! So many Biblical truths were illustrated in this movie. The first being that Christ died for us and took our place on the cross. Because of this fact we ought to live like we have been saved and adopted into the family of God with all the rights and privileges of a child of God.

NewB Indy Movie with a Message Liar Liar

Movie with a Message: “Liar, Liar”

Week 3 of “Movie with a Message” was Liar, Liar and it addressed sin and the consequences that come along with it. This particular movie addressed the challenges of balancing life and work especially when you’re dealing with your own issues.

NewB Indy Movie with a Message Ray 2

Movie with a Message: “Ray” (part 2)

Part 2 of our amazing “Movie with a Message” featuring the movie “Ray” was so impactful. Pastor was able to pull out certain clips in the movie that allowed the people of God to reflect on the battle between their private and public lives.

NewB Indy Movie with a Message Ray 1

Movie with a Message: “Ray” (part 1)

We received an impactful message through a different method as we watched movie clips of “Ray” and Pastor Jackson narrated his message throughout the movie. There were three areas from the clips of the movie that Pastor Jackson touched on: tragedy, dysfunctions and silence.

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