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NewBIndy Winning in the Wilderness

Winning In the Wilderness

Our perception of a circumstance or situation is what will allow us to see the God in it or in them. It is important to have a winning appetite if we are to resist the temptation when we are weak. A spiritual appetite will keep us from falling for physical hunger.

NewBIndy I'm So Ready For This

I’m So Ready For This

It is imperative to stay connected to the source if we want to keep the resources. Your connection to the things of God is part of the growth process. God may have had to slow the process of your blessings because you haven’t grown enough yet.

NewB Indy Sharing Like A Winner

Sharing Like A Winner

Put God at the top of your priorities and the rest will fall in place. Doing it the world’s way and not putting God first will only have you seeking Him later for help. Don’t allow the world’s way of how it presents things to cause you to fall into the trap of being disobedient to God’s way of doing it. We can’t operate on the world’s way of thinking and expect kingdom results.

NewBIndy Things Winners Do

Things Winners Do To Win

Anybody can run a touchdown when nobody is trying to stop them, but can you execute when the enemy is trying to stop you? God knows that it is not enough just to study the playbook.

NewBIndy You're Still Winning

It Doesn’t Matter; You’re Still Winning

No matter what is going on in and or around your life, you are still going to win in Christ. God declares victory over your life, but it does not always feel like victory. God said you will walk in victory, but God never said you would achieve it without a fight. The enemy is not going to let you easily just walk into your season of victory without a fight.

This Is My Year To Win

This is the year of Victory for the people of God. The victory has already been won, so it’s time to start talking, walking, living and loving like we have the victory. There will be times when people, problems and predicaments will make you feel as if you do not have the victory and there is a force out there that doesn’t want to see you win.

NewBIndy Do It Differently

Let’s Do it Differently This Time

If you want something you’ve never had, then you are going to have to do something you have never done. God desires for us to turn from our wicked ways starting with walking in a different direction that leads to the joy of God. The plans God has for us are going to require us to do some things differently in 2018.

NewBIndy I've come too far

I’ve Come Too Far Not to Worship Him

There are times when the journey seems long and agonizing, but God has anointed you for such a season as this. The journey is part of the plan. When GOD has something in store for you, you can best believe you are going to have to go on a journey to get it. 

NewBIndy Something Great Coming Out of You

The Proof That There Are Great Things Coming Out of You

What do you do when you know God is up to something in your life, but what you see doesn’t match what God said? Many times in life we struggle with our behaviors based on the challenges we see and not the words God has said. Sometimes what we see does not always seem promising, so we have to trust what God has said to us.

NewBIndy Something Great Coming Out of You

There’s Something Great Coming Out Of You

There are times in our lives when what God is doing in us does not line up with what is going on around us. God has a way of bringing out the best in us in some of the worse situations or even locations.

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