Acts 14:19-22

There are times in our lives where life has a way of knocking us down but not out.  I don’t care who you are, how much money you have or don’t have, your church affiliations or how spiritual you think you are, in this life we all experience down seasons. The good news is that no matter how or who caused your down season when you are connected to God although you may be down, you won’t stay down for long.

In Acts chapter 14 we see that the crowd turned on Paul, beat him unconscious, dragged him outside the town and left him for dead.  Everything that comes in our lives has purpose.  God allows things or brings circumstances in our lives with purpose, on purpose and for purpose.

Watch! The enemy thought he had won the victory over Paul but only to discover that although they hurt him, they really helped him to fulfill his purpose and more importantly God’s plan.  God used what they meant for evil for Paul’s good.

The text states that the enemy dragged him out of the city.  He was treated like a criminal but yet he was innocent.  Paul was publicly disrespected and treated like the trash that was thrown outside the city during those times.

Yes, sometimes God will allow you to experience some crazy people so that when He brings the right people you can truly appreciate who God has sent to encourage and walk with you.  If God had not used Paul’s enemies to drag him spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally through the city, he would have never been in a place around people God had purposed for this season in his life.

In essence, God used his enemy to transport him out of one bad situation into a better situation.   The next time we see Paul, he is around the right crew and back on his feet.  Sometimes God has to let us see what bad looks like and feels like so we can appreciate the good that God has for us.

So can we take some time and thank God for both the good and the bad because we know that all things work out for those that are called according to God’s perfect plan.  It is in those moments that we experience down seasons that we can really begin to thank God for the new friends, new disciples, new supporters and new folks that are willing to stand with you at your worst.

The circumstances that you endure just exposes who’s really down with you and provides an opportunity for God to show himself to be a provider and a protector.  We can thank God that although we may be down at times, we don’t have to stay down because like the Indy 500 cars, God already has a crew ready to work on us when we go down and to provide what we need to get us back on the track of life so that we can continue to press toward the high calling of Christ our Lord and Savior.

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